How does this work? We have  towers located throughout the area that transmit the Internet via a Microwave signal to a small radio on your roof. Click here to see if our system can reach you.

Can I watch movies with your service?Yes! from Netflix's web site you need "1.5 Mbs is the recommended broadband connection speed".

Does this service need a router?Only if you want something other than a desktop computer to have access. If you want to have your desktop and your laptop and a phone then you will need to purchase a router.

How is the Install Done? Basic Installation Includes mounting a small antenna on the roof. Running up to 30' of cable to the office, room or closet and configuring a router or PC.

Can I update my Plan if I need more speed? Yes, as long as you stay within available package plans.

When is my bill due? The first of every month. There is no grace period.

How do we pay our Bill? Contact our office at 956-616-5060 to provide us your credit card or banking informarion.

How long does it take to get a scheduled installation date? Usually within 1 - 2 days.